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There’s nothing sexier than doing what feels right, so when trying to impress the love of your life, what better way to do so than with an eco-friendly and ethical diamond? Our Numined lab grown diamonds are the kinder, wiser, and sexier option, all while maintaining the structural, chemical, and optical integrity and authenticity of a diamond.

Numined Diamonds was launched in 2013 by 25-year industry veteran Isaac Gottesman with one purpose: to sell eco-friendly, conflict-free diamonds combined with cutting-edge designs of engagement rings, wedding rings, and earrings, online and in-store.

Since then, the appeal of Numined lab grown diamonds has soared, proving once and for all that ethically and environmentally conscious diamonds are sexy.

The Benefits of Numined: Eco-Friendly, Ethical, Economical

There are countless reasons to choose Numined Diamonds. Not only are they beautiful, but they’re better for your pocketbook, humanity, and Mother Nature.

Lab Grown Diamonds | Lab-Grown Diamonds | Lab Created Diamonds Sale

How is this Possible?

Mined diamonds are created from carbon dioxide buried far beneath the earth’s surface. Through intense heat and pressure, a diamond forms. Lab grown diamonds replicate this natural occurance through 2 processes:

HPHT (High Pressure, High Temperature):  HPHT, like mined diamonds, utilizes high temperatures and pressure to form a diamond from carbon deposit. This method is effective in forming highly rare D and E color diamonds.

CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition): Through the CVD process, varying amounts of gases that include a carbon source are fed into a chamber where the diamond seed is placed. The gas mixture is then heated to produce plasma in which the gases break down and carbon atoms adhere to the diamond seed, causing it to grow just as it would under the earth. These diamonds tend to come in colors G-K and, due to technological advances, are increasingly coming in colors E and F.

These 2 processes result in 100% real diamonds – chemically, structurally, and optically. And the three major perks are hard to ignore: they’re eco-friendly, ethical, and affordable.

Dream-Worthy Settings

Gorgeous diamonds deserve a sexy setting style to match. Accordingly, Nümined® Diamonds teamed up with dimend SCAASI, a Chicago based designer of the finest engagement rings available. Each of our Numined diamonds will be set in one of dimend SCAASI’s stunning custom settings. We believe this collaboration is a win-win for our customers who wish to buy a truly ethical and beautiful engagement ring.

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