About Us

"For decades, diamonds have been associated with conflicts around the world.  Numined Diamonds is a strong supporter of the Clean Diamond initiative, bringing consumers a diamond devout of any atrocities and clean of inhumane acts, a diamond of zero carbon footprint on our environment worthy to be worn as a gift of love." - Isaac Gottesman, founder of Numined Diamonds and 25 year veteran of the diamond industry.

Launched in 2013, Numined Diamonds was established with a clear and strong mission: to sell eco-friendly, conflict-free diamonds combined with cutting-edge designs of engagement rings, anniversary rings and earrings, online and in-store.

Nümined® Diamonds is committed to ethical and eco-friendly creation of lab grown diamonds.
In an effort to compliment our beautiful diamonds with the most beautiful rings Nümined® diamonds teamed up with dimend SCAASI, a Chicago based designer of the finest engagement rings available. dimend SCAASI Jeweler uses responsible and ethical sources for the diamonds, gemstones and metals they use to create their masterpieces. We believe this cooperation to be a win-win for our customers who wish to buy a truly ethical engagement ring.
With a world that is rapidly evolving in the ways of science and technology, the jewelry industry is evolving as well. Nümined® Diamonds creates diamonds that challenge the ethics, integrity, and purity of the brilliant gems we all love and adore. 

How, exactly, are we breaking barriers and challenging industry standards?



There are some gem materials that are man-made imitations. Cubic zirconia is man-made but it’s an imitation diamond, not a synthetic or lab-grown diamond (because it’s actually not a diamond). Unfortunately, plenty of companies use “lab,” “man-made,” or “created” to refer to imitations that are not the actual minerals described. That’s not just bad etiquette that’s deceptive and clearly against FTC rules. Our grown diamonds are certified and inscribed as such with microscopic laser inscription attesting to the diamonds' authenticity as an actual type IIa (or type IIb) genuine diamonds. 

Environmentally friendly

Because all of our diamonds are created in a laboratory, there is no need for traditional mining methods. Without the use of traditional mining practices, the creation of our diamonds has far less impact on the environment.

Nümined® lab grown diamonds are created in a laboratory using 2 processes:

CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition)
During the CVD process, varying amounts of gases that include a carbon source are fed into the chamber where the diamond seed is placed. The gas mixture is heated to produce plasma in which the gases break down and carbon atoms adhere to the diamond seed, causing it to grow.  

  • CVD Diamonds usually come in H- K colors and occasionally in G color.
HPHT (High Pressure, High Temperature)
HPHT is the closest process to the natural production of diamonds used in a laboratory. First used in 1954, the HPHT process subjects the diamond to high amounts of both pressure and temperature (mimicking exactly what happens when diamonds form in the Earth’s crust).
  • HPHT Diamonds usually come in D-E colors.



What exactly does conflict and blood free mean? Well, according to the Kimberley Process (which regulates diamond trade), conflict/blood free means that the diamonds are guaranteed not to be obtained through the use of human rights abuses, violence, child labor, or environmental destruction. Nümined® lab grown diamonds are 100% ethical and environmentally friendly.

Less Cost, Better Quality

By creating our diamonds specifically for our customers in our labs, less steps are needed to obtain them than diamonds procured through traditional mining practices. Because of this, the cost for Nümined® diamonds is anywhere between 40-50% less than traditionally mined diamonds of the same cut, carat, color and clarity.